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The nuts and bolts of AI

Sumeeko, a metal fastener and screw manufacturer in Taiwan, is betting on AI for predictive maintenance that helps engineers correct any issues before they occur. This keeps downtime or breakdowns to a minimum… Read more »



Incredibly popular chatbot XiaoIce celebrates her birthday

XiaoIce, Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot in China, has won the hearts of over 660 million users with her sense of humour and caring personality, making it no surprise that her aficionados were looking… Read more »



Climate change is real, and something needs to be done

There is no doubt our planet is changing. This week at the Global Climate Action Summit, Microsoft announced early results from its AI for Earth programme. For instance, we can now process more than 10 trillion… Read more »



Every cloud has a silver lining with AI

The weather can be erratic, but with technology, we have evolved from simply being at its mercy to predicting its future. ZAMG, one of the world’s oldest meteorological centers located in Austria, operates 270 stations across the country… Read more »



A data scientist that wants to save the Earth

From giving snow leopards new hope, to turning mosquitoes into agents for detecting infectious diseases – can data scientists save the world with AI? Wee Hyong Tok, who leads the research team for Microsoft’s AI for Earth thinks so… Read more »



AI helps the visually impaired to “see” money

For the visually impaired, identifying different currency bills can be challenging as they come in different sizes, colors, and textures. This gets even more difficult when new note designs are released… Read more »



AI in Vogue at H&M

Celebrities are not the only ones who can have personal stylists. Now, everyone can too, by looking into the AI-powered magic mirror at H&M’s flagship store in New York. For starters, you can talk to it – and it’ll talk back… Read more »



AI helps cultivate prized fare for fish lovers

In Japan, the Red Sea Bream (also known as Madai) is prized by seafood lovers for its coppery skin and delicious, firm white flesh. Intensive fishing has seen wild stock fall over the years, with fisheries… Read more »



Elephants in distress: AI aids conservation efforts

Can sound help save dwindling elephant populations? Scientists using AI think so. Conservation Metrics, a Microsoft AI for Earth grantee, is betting on AI to distinguish trumpet sounds in a noisy tropical rainforest… Read more »



Laugh-o-meter: Microsoft AI rates jokes

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, but what makes a joke a great one? At a new interactive exhibit at the National Comedy Center in New York, guests are invited to challenge each other to tell a better joke… Read more »




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