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A smarter way to bat

The international cricket season for 2018 has just begun. Legendary Indian cricketer Anil Kumble, one of the greatest bowlers of all time, may no longer be playing, but still has a passion for the sport… Read more »



More efficient mental health services through AI

AIn Australia, almost one in ten Australians receive mental health services, with spending in this area going over AUD 9 billion annually. Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services (BHPS)… Read more »



Probably the best AI-infused beer

Oktoberfest is in full swing. At the world’s largest beer celebration, Carlsberg is definitely a fan favorite. Working with Microsoft, Carlsberg have made it their mission to innovate and make even better beer… Read more »



AI paves the way for road safety

Thailand now tops the rankings as the country with the highest road accident rate. Three in five accidents are caused by either speeding or drowsy drivers. In the effort to curb this problem, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC)… Read more »



“Big City” girl, Rinna, goes local

Rinna, Microsoft’s AI social chatbot in Japan, has 7 million fans across the nation. Her popularity is explained by her unique personality. While many AI assistants are designed to carry out simple instructions… Read more »



Practice makes perfect with digital simulators

Although flying has been considered one of the safest forms of travel, stakes remain high. As one small mistake can lead to dire consequences, pilots need to be at the top of their game whilst on flight duty… Read more »



Passion for fashion with AI

Imagine shopping for clothes in a 3D immersive environment without having to set foot in a physical store. Or updating your wardrobe with the help of a digital personal stylist. To make these a reality, 30 students Read more »



AI eyes dangerous behavior at petrol stations

Smoking at petrol stations are a big no-no, and yet, there are regular reports of mishaps caused by careless motorists lighting up where they shouldn’t. To address this, Shell is working with Microsoft… Read more »



AI-powered app rings all the right bells for low vision users

More than a billion people worldwide have a disability. And only one in ten has access to assistive technology. To help close this gap, Microsoft worked with Vision Australia to develop Soundscape… Read more »



Diagnosis in the blink of an eye

Let AI look into your eyes. In less than a second it can check for potential medical problems and it might just save your life. Airdoc, a fast-growing start-up in China, has created an AI-powered system… Read more »



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