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Coming soon: Your own personal AI-driven ‘co-pilot’

Imagine a virtual personal assistant to help plan your day. Microsoft’s top researchers in Asia predict that AI will soon make this a reality in an accessible and affordable form. For example; not everyone… Read more »



AI that can see and talk with us about our world

Imagine your AI chatbot being your personal companion in your daily life, seeing and commenting on the world around you. Launched in Japan, an app featuring Microsoft’s Rinna social chatbot uses… Read more »



Drones with brains and shelves with eyes powered by AI

What do wind turbines and store shelves have in common? If you ask Clobotics, they are practical applications of digitalizing the physical world using AI-powered computer vision. Clobotics takes humans out … Read more »



Cleaning up New Zealand’s coastlines with AI

New Zealand has the fourth largest marine environment in the world. Unfortunately, much of this marine life is in danger thanks to litterbugs. To address this, Microsoft is partnering with Sustainable Coastlines… Read more »



Getting back on your feet with AI

Each year tens of thousands of Australians are injured on the country’s roads, with nineteen percent suffering from head-related trauma. The Lifetime Support Authority helps those with catastrophic injuries… Read more »



Food for Thought: Sustainable farming with AI

By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9.8 billion. That poses a huge challenge for food producers, especially with a global shortage of arable land. Microsoft’s FarmBeats program combines AI with drone technology… Read more »



Unravelling “big data” genomics with AI

Human beings have roughly 20,500 genes. For those working in genomics, analyzing those massive “data sets” requires significant computing power. Now, with unlimited compute power through the cloud, and advanced AI capabilities … Read more »



AI to enable seamless and secure banking

Card fraud and skimming are giving banks headaches and costing them over $30 million a year. Taking on the fraudsters Microsoft and National Australia Bank (NAB) are trialling an AI security solution for ATMs… Read more »



monkey in indaManaging India’s monkeys with AI

Around 1,000 people are bitten by monkeys in New Delhi every day. The Indian city is overrun by a growing simian population, but AI technology could be the solution… Read more »



students looking at pcHelping dyslexic students thrive with AI

Dyslexics think predominantly with pictures, and not with the sounds of words. As such, they face challenges with reading and writing. To aid dyslexic students in their education, Microsoft has developed AI-powered learning tools… Read more »



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