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High speed archiving in the hands of AI

The National Audiovisual Archive (NAVA) of Hungary has an enormous task – to digitize over 140 years of the republic’s media output, amounting to 20 million printed news stories. NAVA’s goal is to digitize 2.5 million images per year, however, the 100-men strong team only achieved… Read more »



Accelerating cell research with AI

Many scientists currently rely on trial-and-error methods when designing experiments on biological cell programming, and each experiment could take months or years of failed experimentation before it even shows signs of success. However, a successful experiment could potentially… Read more »



Detecting breast cancer with AI

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women across the world. Fortunately, survival rates can be up to 90% with early detection with mammograms. However, for women with dense breasts, it is difficult to identify cancers from their dense breast tissues as both appear white in mammograms… Read more »



AI Business School empowers business leaders

Artificial intelligence has the potential to double innovation and productivity rates in Asia Pacific. However, less than half of organizations in the region have embarked on their AI journeys due to cultural and skills challenges. To guide business leaders and empower them in this… Read more »



AI and road safety: A new eye on the highway

A staggering average of 66 people die in auto accidents every day in Thailand. Smashes are often fueled by fatigued and reckless drivers speeding along choked highways. The country’s biggest petrochemicals company, GC, makes 8,000 trips by van along one of the most dangerous… Read more »



Women in STEM will drive AI transformation journeys

Hundreds of girls in Sri Lanka are celebrating International Women’s Day with career coaching and new skills. The daylong DigiGirlz event was held at the Prime Minister’s office complex where participants met female role models, explored career options, and picked up new skills. As new technologies… Read more »



Girls tackle social challenges with AI

Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day. Future-looking initiatives aim to address the skills gap, by encouraging young women and girls to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). One such initiative was the first AI in Soweto boot camp… Read more »



New possibilities with AI and Mixed Reality

Each year, roughly 1 million patients fall down in US hospitals trying to get out of bed unassisted, and even more globally. To prevent these falls, Ocuvera taps on a depth-sensing camera and AI algorithms in Azure Kinect. The solution identifies and notifies nurses when a patient… Read more »



Students attempt to solve their country’s problems with AI

From identifying the exact contents of packaged food items, to empowering people during natural disasters, this year’s Imagine Cup Asia regional finals saw many students using AI to solve their country’s toughest problems. For example, South Korea’s Team Fisherman tapped on machine-learning and voice… Read more »



Fish farming in Japan adopts a new AI solution

Japan’s red sea bream fish is prized fare for sushi and sashimi lovers both at home and abroad. To meet growing demand by fish farms, Kindai University’s Aquaculture Research Institute hatches and sorts as many as 250,000 juvenile sea breams by hand daily. Aging demographics make… Read more »


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