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A new way to give driving lessons for autonomous vehicles

As many as 33 million autonomous vehicles are predicted to ply the world’s roads by 2040. For that to come true, the driverless cars, trucks, and buses of the future will have to be safe. The AI systems powering these vehicles need to be taught how to accurately recognize objects around them… Read more »



Can studying air pollution help predict Tuberculosis outbreaks?

Every year, air pollution kills more than 100,000 children under five years old in India. Pollution plays a role in spreading airborne diseases like tuberculosis (TB). The Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology in Mumbai studied the impact of climatic factors and pollution on the spread of TB… Read more »



Cruising with AI

In 2018, the Royal Caribbean cruises carried more than 6 million passengers aboard their ships. To improve the vacationing experience, the company has developed a check-in system where guests may choose the image recognition machine to register their presence onboard… Read more »



AI takes the pain out of car insurance

In India, with more than 230 million vehicles and half a million auto accidents every year, scheduling damage inspections can keep cars and policyholders off the road for days or longer. A more convenient way was needed. To ease the pain, ICICI Lombard partnered with Microsoft to develop… Read more »



AI identifies public health risks in restrooms

Public sanitation can be challenging, as dirty restrooms are prime breeding grounds for diseases. Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health looked to 2000 community volunteers and an AI-powered mobile app to monitor the conditions of public restrooms by capturing photos for analysis. Since the program started, over 11,000… Read more »



AI and drones help preserve natural water cycles

Over the last 200 years, industrialization and urbanization have diverted more than 760 billion cubic meters of rainwater from its natural routes causing flooding in certain urban areas, and desertification in others. Rain for Climate designed an AI solution to gather territorial… Read more »



Accelerating AI for people with disabilities

Across the world, over one billion people experience some form of disability. This includes John Robinson, who was born without the extensions of his arms or legs. His experience struggling to find work inspired him to set up Our Ability, an organization that uses an AI-powered chatbot… Read more »



Meet the world’s first AI-created whisky

The global whisky market is expected to reach US$7.4 billion by 2023. Once known as aqua vitae, or water of life, whisky traverses cultures and geographies, with distilleries developing drams with unique characteristics. Award-winning distillery, Mackmyra Whisky, has greater ambitions to use machine learning… Read more »



Superheroes, hippos and AI are helping children with disabilities

One in 160 children across the world is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Picking up languages can be challenging for many of them. Organizations such as iTherapy and Zyrobotics have developed custom educational tools that assist children learn languages. iTherapy taps on… Read more »



Indian students develop AI powered anti-pollution mask

According to the World Health Organization, New Delhi has the worst air quality of any major city in the world. For five students from India, the experience of living in the vicinity led them to develop Caeli, an AI-powered anti-pollution face mask to help those with breathing ailments… Read more »



Get coffee recommendations with AI

With over 30,000 locations across the world (including Westeros, according to some), Starbucks serves more than 100 million customers each week. To personalize customer experience even more, Starbucks’ mobile app now serves up tailor-made suggestions. Through this, 16 million active Starbucks Rewards members… Read more »



Explore the beautiful game like never before with AI

The LaLiga Spanish football league registered a total stadium attendance of over 7 million fans during the first half of the 2018/19 campaign. To further boost fan engagement, LaLiga took to a new AI voice assistant to help football enthusiasts easily access information… Read more »



Getting passengers and employees home safely with AI

The rail industry plays a significant role in the Australian economy, contributing around AUD$26 billion a year and 140,000 jobs. It’s crucial that companies like Downer find ways to more efficiently and safely operate the fleet of 78 Waratah trains managed for the New South Wales Government… Read more »


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