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Enabling the visually impaired with AI

Monique Van den Abbeel likes taking pictures of her surroundings and sharing them on social media. Wouter De Brandt wants to understand the Dutch movies that his family is watching. The similarities between them both? They are visually impaired. A team from Microsoft developed a special Seeing AI prototype program… Read more »



With AI, everyone can enjoy Shakespearean literature

William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth, is one of the world’s greatest pieces of literature. Yet, many are unable to appreciate the complexity, nuances, and sentiments of the 400-year-old play. Interestingly, the solution may be AI. Phil Harvey analyzed 19 of Shakespeare’s plays… Read more »



AI on constant watch: Security officers do what they do best

Singapore is known to be one of the safest cities in the world. Security companies like Certis however are finding it a challenge to adequately monitor camera feeds that safeguard people against threats. The sector has traditionally relied solely on security officers to watch… Read more »



Discovering the best of Japan with AI

Be it for sakura blossoms, sushi, or theme parks, tourists flock to Japan every year. How easy would it be to plan your travel with the help of a chatbot that assists in booking accommodation and putting together itineraries, all without the challenge of language? Together with JTB Corp and travel information… Read more »



AI enabled forklifts

Global e-commerce transactions are forecasted to grow more than 20% each year, reaching $5.8 trillion by 2022. To help customers cope with the rise in e-commerce, Toyota Material Handling Group is turning to AI, mixed reality, and IoT. At the recent Hannover Messe show, the company… Read more »



Quality milk with AI

Australia’s dairy industry may not be large, but the country is the world’s third largest dairy exporter. Australian enterprise ACM recently invested US$55 million in a high-tech milk processing and manufacturing facility, tapping machine learning to reduce the risk of human error… Read more »


Sustainable future with AI

Wind turbines are larger-than-life feats of engineering, with towers as high as 120 meters, and rotor blades that span the height of a 22-storey building. Maintenance is dangerous and time-consuming; technicians rappel down turbines to take pictures of cracks and faults in the blades. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy… Read more »



AI to deliver connected services to vehicles in 200 markets

The global automotive telematics market is projected to hit US$130 billion by 2024. It is in that growth potential that alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi saw opportunity, having recently announced the availability of the Alliance Intelligent Cloud. It leverages Microsoft’s cloud, AI… Read more »



Is drought on the horizon? Researchers turn to AI

Weather can impact our lives in various ways – from simple outfit choices to the more complicated water management during times of drought. While climate forecast models get more reliable as the time horizon extends from seasons to decades, it has always been a challenge to predict… Read more »



Reducing ATM card fraud with AI

Every year, the world’s senior leaders in banking and financial services come together at Money20/20 Asia. At the event that concluded this week, many innovative fintech solutions were showcased. In line with that, customers like the National Australia Bank (NAB) are piloting an AI-powered facial recognition… Read more »


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