A man on a stage against the backdrop of Jakarta in Indonesia

Satya Nadella’s Indonesia Visit 2024

A man on stage making an investment announcement in Indonesia
Woman in a headscarf on a scooter

Equipped with AI and technology skills, women across Southeast Asia find new career opportunities

Technology has become so ubiquitous in the workplace that everyone needs to constantly up their game. Microsoft plans to equip 2.5 million people in the ASEAN region with AI skills by 2025. This builds on existing Microsoft skilling programs which have already helped many land jobs or make career shifts, particularly women, who continue to be under-represented in the tech sector. We share some of their stories.

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Man in a hat squatting on a wooden plank over a pond hauling a catch of shrimp

To keep fish and shrimp healthy, farmers in Indonesia now have a copilot to help

Shrimp are sensitive creatures, needing just the right balance of light, oxygen, pH and phytoplankton to thrive in ponds. Farmers in Indonesia are turning to a generative AI assistant to help keep their shrimp healthy. Accessed through a mobile app, the AI assistant is a pilot project by aquaculture startup eFishery using Microsoft Azure OpenAI service.

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