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“Judo has helped me learn how to manage my life with diplomacy.”

José Pedro Ramos’ “judo family” teaches him lessons that carry over to the workplace.

I’Two men holding each other in a judo poseve been practicing judo since I was a little kid. Thirteen years ago, I joined a club called Judo Clube Total, which promotes inclusivity and was created for anyone who wants to practice, including people with disabilities.

As a defensive martial art, judo has helped me learn how to manage my life with diplomacy—how to solve challenges in constructive ways, without ‘hurting’ others. Those skills are transferable, helping me act more empathetically toward others at work and in everyday life.

I’ve found my large judo family has also helped deepen my knowledge. I learn from my training partners—some who have invested more in the judo theorical part and others who more deeply rely on their senses when fighting. It creates a different way to compete and helps us all increase our learnings and experiences, especially when working together.—José Pedro Ramos, shown with Miguel Vieira, the first judoka to represent Portugal in the Paralympic Games (Rio 2016).

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“These are the lessons my mother and father passed on to me—to help others feel valued and loved.”

Rita Picarra watched her parents dedicate their life’s work to making sure everyone felt supported, included, and seen—a legacy that she carries forward with responsibility and pride.
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“Football was about solving puzzles, and facing opposition is a mental game.”

As a child in Texas, Phillip Hale’s life centered around football. The discipline, teamwork, and puzzle-solving prepared him for what he’s doing now.
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“My great grandfather was a farmer, so working with the land felt like a project with a clear purpose.”

Paris-based Bertrand Launay never expected how a turn as a mango farmer could fulfill a personal passion while also helping empower a local community.
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“Am I Asian, or am I American?”

Dat chose not to fully embrace his Vietnamese heritage as a child and young adult. Today, he’s on a new path to uncovering and rediscovering his Asian identity.