A man stands holding a snowboard while wearing snowboarding gear

“Snowboarding has taught me that we won’t get anywhere if we don’t do it together.”

Sebastian Apud built strength through snowboarding but never felt like he quite fit in. That's why he's dedicated to introducing teens—who might not have access—to the sport he loves.

I love snowboarding, but being a darker-skinned Latino, I didn’t feel like I had a community out there on the mountain. It’s not only an expensive hobby—the board, boots, gloves, waterproof clothes, helmet, googles, lift ticket, and transportation—but you also need close friends or family to introduce you to the sport.

That’s why I volunteer at The Service Board, an organization that focuses on mentoring and social justice through snowboarding. We take teens who might not even think to try it, give them all the gear they’ll need, and start building a community to keep them going.

Snowboarding teaches you about your own strength, and everyone deserves a chance to try it. How to struggle and how to ask for help, especially when there are obstacles that you just don’t know how to overcome.

I’ve seen beauty on mountains since I was a kid. Unfortunately, the seasons are becoming more erratic with less snowfall. This change is destroying nature, affecting animals, and altering the planet. There’s a lot we need to do, and snowboarding has taught me that we won’t get anywhere if we don’t do it together.—Sebastian Apud, born in Argentina, raised in Washington, DC

a photo of a woman laying down on her surfboard in the ocean waves

“These are the lessons my mother and father passed on to me—to help others feel valued and loved.”

Rita Picarra watched her parents dedicate their life’s work to making sure everyone felt supported, included, and seen—a legacy that she carries forward with responsibility and pride.
A photo of a man wearing athletic gear sitting on the sidelines of a football field

“Football was about solving puzzles, and facing opposition is a mental game.”

As a child in Texas, Phillip Hale’s life centered around football. The discipline, teamwork, and puzzle-solving prepared him for what he’s doing now.
A man and a woman each ride a bike on a gravel trail

“We don’t give up easily. ‘No’ doesn’t intimidate us.”

Holly Beale and Drew Wilkinson saw the need for an employee community dedicated to environmental sustainability. So they created one—now with thousands of members around the world.
A mother and daughter hold hands by the river and smile

“Standing up for what’s right often isn’t comfortable.”

As an attorney, Makalika Naholowa’a says her law degree gives her a rare privilege, and she feels responsible to use it for good.