A man and a woman each ride a bike on a gravel trail

“We don’t give up easily. ‘No’ doesn’t intimidate us.”

Holly Beale and Drew Wilkinson saw the need for an employee community dedicated to environmental sustainability. So they created one—now with thousands of members around the world.

Coming to Microsoft from the nonprofit sector, I immediately saw that we could be doing way more around environmental sustainability. I saw employees talking about it but not a lot of solutions.

That’s when my coworker Holly and I started a group for employees who are interested in Earth, too. In under a year, we’ve had 3,500 people from all over the world join. Our motto is to be action-focused and urgent. We’ve done lots of different projects, from piloting a zero-waste café for employees to working with a nonprofit that cleans up the ocean by using data recognition.

‘No’ doesn’t intimidate us. Our love for protecting Earth’s resources started as a love for the outdoors. We find ultimate peace outside; it’s something that we love. And you protect what you love. —Drew Wilkinson, from Phoenix, Arizona, speaking about his work with Holly Beale, from Atlanta, Georgia

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“Clothes are the skin you choose for yourself.”

Sandhya Shahdeo has always loved fashion. When she learned some clothes are made through harmful practices, she decided to take action.
A woman in a green dress who is holding a coffee cup and standing at the shore of a lake

“For me, climate change is personal.”

Data scientist Siyu Yang witnessed her hometown transform due to human-created climate change. Now, she's dedicated to her career to solving problems for cities like hers.
A photo of a woman lying on a blanket in the grass reading a book

“I got an idea for a children’s book.”

Marine conservationist Bonnie Lei knows firsthand how climate change affects people and communities. She decided to take that message directly to kids as a way to build empathy for others.
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“I love helping people who are not served by the education system.”

Maria Mendiburo is a former teacher who’s excited about how technology can spark curiosity in the minds of students. Now, she volunteers to team teach computer science at a small town high school.