A woman in a black dress twirls in front of a window

“Clothes are the skin you choose for yourself.”

Sandhya Shahdeo has always loved fashion. When she learned some clothes are made through harmful practices, she decided to take action.

I always loved fashion. Clothes are the skin you choose for yourself, how you silently convey to people what you are about.

I was surprised to find out that some of my clothes were made through practices associated with greenhouse gases, the overuse of water, and human rights violations. I didn’t know that I was contributing to something that could be detrimental to the environment.

So, I started getting interested in sustainable clothes, women’s empowerment, fair labor, and conservation. Now, I volunteer for Fashion for Conservation. We organize galas and runway shows to spread the vision of conservation, and we work with artisans in Peru to train them on sustainable practices for making and selling jewelry and accessories to create their own business.—Sandhya Shahdeo, originally from Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

A woman in a green dress who is holding a coffee cup and standing at the shore of a lake

“For me, climate change is personal.”

Data scientist Siyu Yang witnessed her hometown transform due to human-created climate change. Now, she's dedicated to her career to solving problems for cities like hers.
A photo of a woman lying on a blanket in the grass reading a book

“I got an idea for a children’s book.”

Marine conservationist Bonnie Lei knows firsthand how climate change affects people and communities. She decided to take that message directly to kids as a way to build empathy for others.
a woman looks up at a blue sky with green palm trees in the background

“It’s pretty cool not to feel like I’m just one voice.”

Clara Mansilha and a coworker started an environmental sustainability movement at their local office—inspiring other employees around the world. 
A woman stands in her kitchen and prepares plates of pasta.

“I got to make family memories and new traditions.”

As a child, Brittany Valdes enjoyed home-cooked meals prepared by her mother. When she became a parent, Brittany found her own way to make memories in the kitchen. Watch her family make chicken carbonara.