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First Nations and computer science education: Striving to bridge the Digital Divide

Sometimes it’s hard not to marvel at the global impact of digital transformation and emerging technologies – like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the cloud. But let’s also keep a close eye on the digital divide – the gap between those with easy access to technologies, education, and skills, and those who don’t. Will this gap widen or close in the years ahead?

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competitors at the Special OlympicsSpecial Olympics Asia Pacific partners with Microsoft to launch fitness app for people with intellectual disabilities

Special Olympics Asia Pacific has officially launched SPROUT, an inclusive fitness application that aims to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) to live a healthy lifestyle through the gamification of simple exercises. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, PALO IT Singapore, Empire Code and Hari Shankar Design & Consulting… Read more »


DigigirlzSTEM’s female factor: Changing lives, boosting economies, building the future

It was an exciting and inspirational day for Tharfa Deen, and perhaps even a turning point in her life.The 18-year-old high school student had long dreamt of a career in medicine. But after learning about how new digital technologies – like artificial intelligence and machine learning – are starting to reshape our world, she now has a new ambition: to use data and science to… Read more »


Rotten Romans Inspire Minecraft Triumph!

Jonathan Squirrell from Kingsway School in Auckland, New Zealand, has triumphed in the Next Top Coder competition with his exceptional entry featuring a Roman triumph ceremony created in Minecraft.

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Discovering Singapore’s history through the world of Minecraft

Ever imagined walking up a concrete flight of steps to a majestic museum on top of a tower, and stepping into an immersive showcase to watch Singapore’s history-defining moments come alive right before your eyes? 18-year-old ITE Information Technology graduate, Lee Jun Hui, has created a virtual history museum with Minecraft: Education Edition which allows you to do just that… Read more »


DigiGirlzWomen and girls in STEM: Having a critical role in shaping Asia Pacific’s future

Asia Pacific countries can reach new heights of innovation, inclusiveness, and prosperity when more girls and women pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), Microsoft APAC President Andrea Della Mattea says… Read more »


Here’s why Asia Pacific’s educators need a future-ready toolbox

There is no doubt that a digital future lies ahead. As the education landscape undergoes a digital transformation, computer science education proves to be increasingly invaluable in helping teachers – from all disciplines – to equip their students… Read more »



Seizing the challenge and making that future real

Computer scientist and entrepreneur, Sebastian Thrun, once said that mathematics, computer science and the arts are intimately related as they are all creative expressions. And if you had the opportunity to peer into the world that… Read more »



Natural disasters and artificial intelligence: A better chance to save livesNatural disasters and artificial intelligence: A better chance to save lives

In March 2011, one of the most powerful earthquakes recorded in Japan shook the country’s northeastern coast. It flattened thousands of homes and buildings, destroyed infrastructure, and triggered a tsunami that wiped out whole communities… Read more »



Saquib Shaihk holds up his smartphone with the Seeing Ai app activated.Saqib Shaikh on technology and inclusion: Creating an AI future with possibilities for all

Saqib Shaikh lost his sight at the age of seven, fell in love with computers as a schoolboy in Britain and grew up to become a top software engineer with an inspirational mission. Standing at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI)… Read more »


Partnering for growth: Empowering South Korea’s digital future

As Microsoft celebrates 30 years of doing business in South Korea, we are seeing rising investment in digital transformation for our customers and partners. South Korea can rightly take pride in being the world’s 11th largest economy… Read more »



Azrina Muhamad ZukiMicrosoft celebrates computer science education week by reinforcing its commitment to building a future-ready Asia Pacific

As part of its ongoing efforts to close the digital skills gap, Microsoft has kicked off Future Ready, an annual initiative run in partnership with nonprofits and schools to generate interest amongst students to learn computer science and empower teachers with skills to teach computer science… Read more »


With skill and care, thousands of employees give and volunteer across Asia Pacific

“Give someone a fish, and they’ll eat for a day. Teach them how to fish, and they’ll eat every day.” This saying has been around for centuries, and it still rings true in our fast-moving digital world. Helping everyone become more digitally literate is a passion for a growing number of Microsoft employees who are taking up skills-based volunteerism to help train the underserved… Read more »


Making high-quality and inclusive computer science education a reality for everyone

All young people deserve to learn computer science to unlock future economic opportunities. By embracing computational thinking, students acquire fundamental skills for the 21st century such as creativity and problem-solving. Yet computer science remains absent from too many schools. To close this skills gap, we first need teachers who understand the value of computer science… Read more »


When dreams become (augmented) reality: preserving Australia’s Indigenous cultures

Mikaela Jade, an Indigenous entrepreneur, and Tianji Dickens, the lead of Microsoft Philanthropies in Australia, combined resources to use Microsoft HoloLens as a culture-preserving technology. Chapter 1: A girl in love with the land. Mikaela Jade, former park ranger, will be the first to tell you that she’s not your typical CEO. Growing up in Australia… Read more »


Paving the future with technology: Employee volunteers build a “societal ecosystem” in Japan

Giving back to the next generation through the love of computer programming: Yuka Matsubara feels energized by the creativity of children. Having worked at Microsoft Japan since 2015, Matsubara is one of the many employees at the company actively engaged in volunteer work. She gives coding lessons at elementary schools – along with other places… Read more »


boy and women discussingE3 YouthSpark Hackathon Launch: Introduction to entrepreneurship for rural youth

In April 2017, Tag International Development launched a pilot project – E3: Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship – aimed at unlocking the employability prospects for underserved rural youth in Southern Shan State. The project proposed a combined Train of Training implementation model focused on selection and training of rural Youth Ambassador Tech Leaders… Read more »


Digital transformation for nonprofits: The business of doing good with data

The fast pace of technology is changing how we live, work, and play. But can it also change how we give, donate, and help others? Justin Spelhaug thinks so … it’s his mission. After years of working with commercial customers in the United States and Asia, he now leads Technology for Social Impact (TSI): a group within Microsoft that is resetting how nonprofit organizations… Read more »


Nonprofits on the cloud: Fast-tracking better care in Hong Kong

Chung is passionate about running. But that hasn’t always been the case. He used to be addicted to online gaming, developed antisocial behaviors and started dropping out of school. To get him back on the right track he was referred to RunOurCity, a local nonprofit that organizes running and fitness program for at risk youth, to rebuild self-esteem and confidence… Read more »


A fresh start: Bringing Indian youth closer to 21st century jobs

Six to eight million young people join the workforce every year in India. Let’s hear the stories of three young people who have eagerly taken up digital skills to access new economic opportunities. For Farha, Paige, and Devi, vocational training has helped them widen their work options and life dreams… Read more »


Building Digital Streams of Opportunities for Vietnam

By Pham The Truong, General Manager, Microsoft Vietnam. Tue Huy is a 15-year-old with digital skills and a passion. Earlier this year she showed me a game about road safety that she had developed for her younger brother. Vietnam’s traffic in its cities and countryside is fast and dangerous. Huy created the game with the help of a Scratch Coding module… Read more »



Working for a change: Breaking free from the traditional work culture in Japan

Michiyo Arai is like many young Japanese women today. She believes flexible working patterns can help her move along a viable career path. But she is also anxious about job hunting in a country where practices, like teleworking, are relatively new. Last year, the 28-year-old enrolled in a basic programming course that included a telework internship… Read more »



Digital transformation in emerging Asian economies: Escaping the middle-income trap

Employing cheap, low-skilled workers in relatively simple manufacturing or extractive industries has been a winning formula for many of Asia’s emerging economies. Over the decades it has created new wealth for their governments and peoples. And, it has positioned them within global trading networks and international supply chains… Read more »



Shin’s story: Using technology to break down the barriers of disability in Japan

Yunik Shin was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), requiring assistance for his daily life. Hoping he’d be able to learn as much as possible on his own, his parents gave him a personal computer when he was just three years old.Shin, now 21, studies Western Philosophy at Tokyo University, one of Japan’s best universities, and lives on his own in an apartment near the campus… Read more »



“Sea Wander” app wins UNESCO & Microsoft Hackathon for Culture and Peace

Cartoon depictions of Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers, Singapore’s Merlion and Thailand’s golden temples were among some of Southeast Asia’s landmarks gliding behind the name ‘Sea Wander’ on the screen. The mobile app, with its brightly colored cartoon characters and educational games, was unveiled and crowned as the winner at the UNESCO & Microsoft Hackathon for Culture and Peace on May 21… Read more »



Tech’s not just for boys: Microsoft’s DigiGirlz expands career perceptions

Getting more girls to participate in technology is one of the challenges in an increasingly digital world. DigiGirlz, organized by Microsoft in partnership with Auckland University of Technology on May 19, has addressed the problem by expanding the definition of tech. “The whole premise behind the event is to highlight to the girls that there are so many different careers in technology…  Read more »




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