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FJ Dynamics

FJ Dynamics

Global robotics company FJ Dynamics wanted to transform traditional farming with the power of data. Using Microsoft Azure Intelligent Cloud Platform, it has built an efficient and secure Internet of Things (IoT) platform in order to boost production and sustainability while reducing risk of labor shortages and the physical demands on farmers.

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hotel door


Hotels, which were once thought of as a respite for travelers, are now seen as potential health hazards. For Duotel, this serves as a catalyst for transforming the hotel experience. With Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Azure, DuotelCube was created — an IoT-enabled device for guests to control the environment, like monitoring and boosting air-quality by using ultraviolet rays to clean the air with a press of a button. It also enables contactless communication with hotel staff. As a plug and play wireless device, hotels can now be upgraded to a safe, smart hotels quickly and easily.

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Sri Lanka Tea Board

Sri Lanka’s renowned multimillion tea industry was at risk of a shutdown when COVID-19 hit. To keep the industry running, on which two million people rely for their livelihoods, the industry’s century old auction was moved online using Microsoft Azure. Traders were able to bid virtually from their homes or offices, while team members worked from home via Microsoft Teams. This has sheltered the industry and those who depend on it from the disastrous consequences of a COVID-19 shutdown.

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surveillance camera


Chinese company TalentCloud created Agro-Brain, a solution built on Microsoft Azure, to shift farmers to data-centric practices resulting in less pollution and use of pesticides, higher quality and safety, and wins for everyone, from producer to consumer to the environment.

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Australian Red Cross

In just one week, the Australian Red Cross has been able to implement a one-stop platform that enables specially trained volunteers to call individuals in home isolation to check on individuals’ wellbeing over the phone each day.

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A Japanese startup that specializes in self-driving vehicles, leveraged Azure and their expertise in data collection to create a thermal imaging system to help curb the spread of the virus.

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Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Pte Ltd

DLT in Singapore has created a blockchain platform leveraging computational power, with the global geographical footprint and security of Microsoft Azure to digitize mountains of paperwork. The platform speeds up the movement of supply chains, and delivers greater transparency and confidence to empower trading companies.

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Bellsystem24 Holdings, Inc.

Call centers’ like Bellsystem24 in Japan require the physical products for reference when troubleshooting with callers over the phone. Partnering Microsoft, Call Center Virtualization was trialed and operators were able to don Microsoft HoloLens 2 allowing them to manipulate a 3D virtual reproduction of products, anytime and anywhere.

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JBS Australia

As consumers demand higher safety and ethical standards in Australia, JBS Australia worked with Microsoft partner, Lumachain, for an AI, IoT, and blockchain solution automating end-to-end data tracking, such as delivery trucks’ temperature, to provide customers with the highest quality product.

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A Qantas jetliner takes off


Passenger safety is Qantas’ top priority. To overcome the cost barriers and advance safety standards in Australia with regular refresher trainings, Qantas is working with Microsoft HoloLens2 to bring mixed reality simulation training to their engineers anytime and anywhere.

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In Hong Kong, RaceFit has created smart garments embedded with sensors that provide sophisticated feedback. Using Azure, IoT and AI, the app delivers real time information on the wearer’s physical status including strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Soon, the company plans to expand the usability of its app to team sports, like football.

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Danone-AQUA and Microsoft partner, created a solution that uses IoT and AI technologies to collect and analyze ecological data, helping locals and environmentalists to access digital solutions to measure, monitor, and support the Citarum River clean up.

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Woman rides a trishaw

Towada Art Center

To keep visitors in Japan’s Towada Art Center safe in a experiential art exhibit , the centre worked with Nissho Electronics to monitor the vehicles’ locations, with palm-sized GPS devices leveraging Azure. Through the scalability of Azure, the solution was delivered in 10 days.

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Bollywood movie posters

Eros Now

Eros Now in India is leveraging Azure to improve the customer viewing experience with enhanced features, with viewers in more than 135 countries. Eros hopes that its work with Microsoft will generate expansion into new markets and reach its goal of 50 million subscribers over the next three years.

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Oild books and laptop with fingers typing


Civica, a global software company focused on solutions for the public sector, built a cloud-based AI-infused library search and management platform, leveraging technology to analyse and access the trove of documents that are available on Azure.

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man in hoodie walking away while bag is left under a seat


Security companies like Singapore’s Certis are changing how they monitor camera feeds and safeguard people against threats with the help of AI. The routine task of monitoring and identifying issues can be managed by AI while security officers handle situations that require human interactions. Through AI, the company has also found a way to address the labor crunch.

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Linker Networks

For the global autonomous vehicle dream to come true, the driverless cars, trucks, and buses of the future need to be safe. Taiwan’s Linker Networks is using AI to teach vehicles how to accurately recognize objects around them through its auto-labeling system, increasing accuracy rates to 99% and cutting image tagging time by 70%.

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Bridgestone, a world leader in innovative tire technologies, developed Tirematics, a solution that sends data from tire sensors to Microsoft Azure to detect first signs of tire issues, reducing unnecessary tire inspections and tire-related operating issues.

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Sustainable Coastlines

Microsoft Partner, Enlighten Designs is working on an exciting new initiative with Sustainable Coastlines aiming to create citizen scientists, arming them with the right data and insights to help keep New Zealand clean, green and beautiful.

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What do wind turbines and store shelves have in common? If you ask Clobotics, a start-up dual headquartered in Shanghai and Seattle, they are practical applications of digitalizing the physical world using AI-powered computer vision.

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To maximize renewable energy production, Envision turned to AI. Its “smart” wind turbines equipped with up to 500 sensors monitor factors like wind speed and direction, and improve energy production by up to 15 percent.

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Baobei Huijia

Baobei Huijia (Baby Come Home), a leading non-profit organization in China, dedicated to finding missing children, is using Microsoft technology powered by AI and facial recognition to reunite missing persons with their families.

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Legendary Indian cricketer Anil Kumble’s is latest foray, Spektacom, leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture and analyze data points such as bat speed to help cricket players and coaches up their game.

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Vision Australia

Launched in association with Vision Australia, Soundscape has been developed by Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and research development team and is part of the company’s AI for Accessibility global initiative. Soundscape is specifically designed to deliver greater outdoors spatial and location awareness to people who are blind or have low vision by unobtrusively providing them audible clues.

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