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Indian startup reimagines the way the world hires tech talent

iMocha, a Indian startup, introduced a Live Coding Platform to help recruiters conduct whiteboarding interviews for technology roles in a virtual and safer environment.

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Digital technologies are transforming the face of manufacturing across Asia Pacific. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, mixed reality, edge computing, and the Internet of Things are empowering organizations at all levels. This is producing exciting new business outcomes through increased security, productivity, and efficiency.


Lenovo’s fundamental principle to embrace failure to foster innovative ideas and encourage creative thinking across the enterprise has helped them constantly create better services. During COVID-19, this mindset translated into resilience to accelerate its voice products rollout so users could take advantage of new tech innovations while they dealt with the coronavirus restrictions.

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Microsoft is collaborating with Sony Japan to integrate Azure AI with intelligent vision sensor to advance smart cameras and video analytics. From helping to identify hazards before injuries occur on the manufacturing floor, to detecting when to refill retail shelfs, this integration will boost efficient allocations of resources between the edge and the cloud.

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Financial Services

Digital economies are evolving at pace. And financial institutions of all sizes and scope are facing challenges including higher customer expectations, drawbacks from legacy systems, dangers of cybercrime, and complexities of new regulatory environments. Technology helps transform customer experiences, optimize operational efficiencies, and tap new revenue streams.


India’s largest marketplace for personal lending products and fintech startup,, launched a new solution to digitally overhaul the processes surrounding personal loan applications and approvals so money that can get to consumers and businesspeople faster.

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Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA)

The Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) implemented a modern marketing automation platform and has revolutionized member engagement with insights to shape future marketing campaigns and maximize impact.

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Providing affordable and accessible healthcare is a key challenge for Asia Pacific countries. Organizations, professionals, and policymakers are using digital solutions to guide treatment choices, deliver better diagnoses, optimize clinical trials, accelerate drug development, and streamline administration. Technology and the information it provides also empowers patients.


In a world first, scientists in Western Australia are leveraging Microsoft Azure high performance computing to perform high-resolution HLA genotyping for unrelated haematopoietic stem cell transplantation donor recruitment. Now, the analysis of finding the best suitable local donor for patients is now fully automated and analysis time has been reduced to more than half, dramatically reducing time and cost.

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Zuellig Pharma

Zuellig Pharma in Singapore launched a 24/7 interactive engagement platform for customers to order prescription drugs and supplies anytime, anywhere, with an app to verify authenticity of medicines. Now, patients and facilities will have reliable and authentic lifesaving supplies even during lockdown.

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Consumers are becoming more demanding as the digital economy generates greater choice. They also expect higher levels of personalized service. To meet this need, retailers are turning to technologies to boost their businesses. By leveraging data and deploying new systems, they can better understand what their customers want.


Fashion e-commerce company, Myntra, is using Azure Machine Learning and data to gain insight into consumer demands, leading to a successful End of Reason Sale despite COVID-19’s disruption to the industry. Myntra continues to enable international and domestic fashion brands to cater better to consumer needs with the power of data.

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women shopping retail


With AI and facial recognition, Trakomatic in Singapore has developed a solution that allows retailers to identify VIP customers and enhances customer experience through predictive and personalized service, and helps service staff provide personalized attention.

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Public Sector

Asia Pacific governments are turning to technology to help raise the well-being of their citizens, influence positive societal change, and bring new efficiencies to administration. Data and digital solutions are promoting efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and sustainability. Governments are also being empowered to better engage and connect with people.

A wheat filed with a group of men standing in the background


By leveraging Microsoft Custom Vision, plastic debris in marine environments can be counted much faster and can be used in areas that are unsafe for manual collection and counting. CSIRO is also partnering Microsoft to tackle other major global challenges, such as illegal fishing and farm management in countries like Indonesia.

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Malaysia Mass Rapid Transit Corporation

To keep up with rampant urbanization, Malaysia Rapid Transit Corporation is undertaking one of Asia’s most ambitious transportation projects—a massive rail line extension. With Azure, their 1,500 engineers and construction managers will be able to complete the project seamlessly, on time and within budget.

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The world is changing fast. And so are the skills that today’s students will need to be life- and career-ready when they graduate and move into the workforce. Affordable and user-friendly technologies are empowering educators to deliver impactful and personalized learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.

Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and Microsoft worked together to enable continuous learning for some 2.5 million students and 200,000 teachers from grade one to university nationwide. With newly-created Microsoft Office 365 (A1) accounts, they can now use Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for free with their National ID.

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Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle’s digital transformation journey led to the creation of data-led education strategies to ensure students who need help are identified early for optimal educational outcomes.

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Other Industries

The rise of the digital age is transforming how we learn, work, and play. Breakthroughs in technologies – like artificial intelligence and the intelligent edge – are also changing how we do business. Organizations throughout Asia Pacific stand to reap significant rewards as they embrace new solutions and adopt new business models.

Crop Data

CropData is attempting to help farmers in the most remote parts of India make a viable living with the help of Cloud, AI and machine learning algorithms, as well as blockchain technologies.

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Z Energy

As New Zealand’s largest fuel provider, Z Energy’s modern desktop solution allows them to be a truly people-centric organization and is now future-fit and pumped up for the long haul.

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