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cattle in a corral

SpaceCows – using AI, space technology and cloud to protect the Top End

With the help of Microsoft’s space technology and artificial intelligence solutions, Australia’s science agency, CSIRO, is using low-orbit satellites to track feral cattle.

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Digital technologies are transforming the face of manufacturing across Asia Pacific. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, mixed reality, edge computing, and the Internet of Things are empowering organizations at all levels. This is producing exciting new business outcomes through increased security, productivity, and efficiency.

Toyota Hololens


Embracing change for continuous improvement has always been one of Toyota’s key values. With Microsoft HoloLens 2, Toyota could create four mixed reality environments using Azure and Dynamics 365 which can help them improve repair quality, provide innovative training for technicians, and encourage collaboration.

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Julianne Tancevski v2


Collaborating with Microsoft’s global team of data and analytics engineers, and specialist data and AI partner, Versor, BlueScope Australia has undertaken a root and branch transformation of its data and analytics services to meet the company’s current and future needs.

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Financial Services

Digital economies are evolving at pace. And financial institutions of all sizes and scope are facing challenges including higher customer expectations, drawbacks from legacy systems, dangers of cybercrime, and complexities of new regulatory environments. Technology helps transform customer experiences, optimize operational efficiencies, and tap new revenue streams.

UnionBank WFH


Having moved its operations and services remote, UnionBank, one of Philippines’ largest banks, successfully introduced automation to its Treasury & Investments Channel Management with Microsoft Power Automate.

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Aware Super

Aware Super

Managing the retirement savings of more than 1 million Australians, Aware Super’s new platform leveraged Microsoft Azure and an array of data services including Azure Machine Learning to model and compare complex scenarios, and improve governance and security.

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Providing affordable and accessible healthcare is a key challenge for Asia Pacific countries. Organizations, professionals, and policymakers are using digital solutions to guide treatment choices, deliver better diagnoses, optimize clinical trials, accelerate drug development, and streamline administration. Technology and the information it provides also empowers patients.

Woman in a hospital bed using a cellphone


Singapore-based software start-up, Halza, seeks to provide healthcare providers with ready real-time access to medical records to ensure readiness in handling any medical emergencies. Built on Azure, the Halza app offers medical data storage on the cloud and data-sharing capabilities so that users can keep themselves, loved ones and nominated medical professionals, informed.

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Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

To avoid increased IT costs of constantly backing up large quantities of critical patient data, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board transitioned to Azure Blob where their improved immunity to disruption and abilities to protect patient data allowed them to deliver better services.

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Consumers are becoming more demanding as the digital economy generates greater choice. They also expect higher levels of personalized service. To meet this need, retailers are turning to technologies to boost their businesses. By leveraging data and deploying new systems, they can better understand what their customers want.


Flight Centre Travel Group

Impacted by border closures during the pandemic, global travel industry leader Flight Centre Travel Group was determined to digitally transform. Since the start of their five-year partnership with Microsoft for Azure and 365 solutions, they have been able to drive operational efficiencies while continuing to invest in future growth drivers.

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Fashion e-commerce company, Myntra, is using Azure Machine Learning and data to gain insight into consumer demands, leading to a successful End of Reason Sale despite COVID-19’s disruption to the industry. Myntra continues to enable international and domestic fashion brands to cater better to consumer needs with the power of data.

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Public Sector

Asia Pacific governments are turning to technology to help raise the well-being of their citizens, influence positive societal change, and bring new efficiencies to administration. Data and digital solutions are promoting efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and sustainability. Governments are also being empowered to better engage and connect with people.



To reform waste material management in Australia, the Federal Government is requiring that businesses apply for a license from the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE), before exporting waste glass. Working with Microsoft partner Veritec, DAWE rapidly developed a Dynamics 365 based solution to streamline the application process.

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HRD Corp

Human Resource Development Corporation

To keep up with rampant urbanization, Malaysia Rapid Transit Corporation is undertaking one of Asia’s most ambitious transportation projects—a massive rail line extension. With Azure, their 1,500 engineers and construction managers will be able to complete the project seamlessly, on time and within budget.

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The world is changing fast. And so are the skills that today’s students will need to be life- and career-ready when they graduate and move into the workforce. Affordable and user-friendly technologies are empowering educators to deliver impactful and personalized learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.

Beijing Hongdandan Visually Impaired Service Center

Lina Dong — the first blind person to be certified as a broadcaster in China — is now using her voice and volunteering at Beijing Hongdandan Visually Impaired Service Center to generate high-quality audiobooks for students. Using samples of her speech, Custom Neural Voice, a new text-to-speech capability in Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, generated a real-to-life voice that comes close to hers.

Read More, the largest education tech platform in the Philippines, is partnering with Microsoft to provide millions of Filipino students access to abundant resources and personalized guidance enabling more to achieve their education and career goals.

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Other Industries

The rise of the digital age is transforming how we learn, work, and play. Breakthroughs in technologies – like artificial intelligence and the intelligent edge – are also changing how we do business. Organizations throughout Asia Pacific stand to reap significant rewards as they embrace new solutions and adopt new business models.


Feral animals – both buffalo and cattle – are a major threat to the ecology and economy of Northern Australia. A new approach to feral animal management brings together on the ground indigenous knowledge from CSIRO, and space technology and artificial intelligence solutions with Microsoft, with a goal to create the world’s largest remote herd management system.

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A woman lays a table that also has flowers.

Devika Narain

In India, weddings are huge celebrations to behold but the pandemic has dashed many couples’ dreams. Wedding planner Devika Narain continues to weave magical and safe experiences for her clients remotely with her Microsoft Whiteboard and Teams on Surface Pro.

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