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Two people look at X-ray images on a computer screen

Helping to fight COVID-19 across Asia together

As our region and the rest of the world responds to the outbreak, our thoughts are with the people affected and the medical professionals working around the clock to help those most in need. At Microsoft, we’re working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees. We’re striving to protect the health and well-being of the communities in which we operate. And we’re providing technology, solutions, tips, and resources to help people work and learn remotely while they stay safe and connected.

Top image: A digital diagnostic tool that uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to accurately read vast numbers of chest X-rays – faster than a radiologist can – is helping doctors identify, triage and monitor COVID-19 patients. Read more about this technology from Lunit.

Read the latest stories from Asia below and find out out more about Microsoft’s global activities here.

As the pandemic drags on, perceptions of online civility worsen in the Asia-Pacific region. Read more.

#InThisTogether: How Microsoft employees in India rallied to save lives during the pandemic. Find out more.

A virtuoso goes virtual and makes music through the pandemic. Find out more.

From the Himalayas to hi-tech: Self-learning opens a path to a new career. Find out more.


Thousands of Displaced Filipinos Empowered with Digital IDs from AID:Tech and Save the Children, Enabling Faster Access to Critical Financial Aid. Find out more.

A woman wearing a mask

Over 150,000 people in the Philippines acquire digital skills during COVID-19. Find out more.


Department of Health Data Collect Dashboards Enables Real-Time Monitoring of COVID-19 Response Across the Philippines. Find out more.

A man smiling

Q&A: Peter Lee on the COVID-19 pandemic, societal resilience and crisis-response science. Find out more.

This Microsoft employee is compiling a comprehensive list of COVID-19 resources across India. Find out more.

Microsoft mobilizing resources to help Covid response in India. Find out more.

A doctors holds male patinets hand while wearing a HoloLens headset

HoloLens and house calls: Telehealth technology delivers virtual consultations. Find out more 

Schools in the pandemic: Seeking education equity for India’s marginalized kids. Find out more.

From Lab to Jab: How Technology is supporting pharma equipment manufacturers to remain best class  Find out more.

Hospital to home: Automated oxygen solution looks to help patients breathe easier Find out more.

Close to 6 million people across Asia Pacific acquire digital skills during COVID-19.
Find out more

New tools help companies pinpoint — and fix — the unexpected things that make remote work so draining. Find out more

Catching COVID-19: the digital mapmakers that helped drive New Zealand’s successful virus response Find out more.


Mixed reality helps New Zealand energy leader develop new ways of working during crisis. Find out more.


Re-imagining manufacturing: Putting digital technology at the center of a post-pandemic new normal. Read more.

A chef in a kitchen

Kitchens in the cloud: AI is restoring consumer trust in the food delivery business. Find out more.

A camera operator films a lion dancer

Lion dancing goes virtual in the Year of the Ox. Find out more.

Cantopop and COVID-19: Creating a cyber spectacular in the virtual world. Find out more.

alain byline

Empowering local innovation and growth towards a better future. Read more.

A woman wears a mask at a vegetable market

Inclusiveness seen as key to Taiwan’s success in containing COVID-19. Find out more.


Successful COVID-19 vaccine delivery requires strong tech partnerships. Read more.


Free online digital skills courses revive hope and careers for millions amid the pandemic. Find out more.


Indian startup reimagines the way the world hires tech talent. Read more.


Career progression in a hybrid working world. Find out more.

Mount Fuji

Photography in the pandemic: Keeping creativity flowing close to home. Find out more.


Close to one third of Asia Pacific’s remote and firstline workers are facing increased burnout at work. Read more.

covid test

Re-envisioning healthcare: Hospitals, pharmaceuticals and communities. Read more.

Technology and COVID-19: A new way to upskill people with disabilities. Find out more.

New life for old corporate computers so students can learn from home. Read more.

Quiet collective: The unseen experts behind Microsoft’s coronavirus response. Read more.

Zero trust in a COVID-19 remote world. Read more.

How tech intensity is empowering Indonesia for the new normal. Find out more.

New data from Microsoft shows how the pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation of cyber-security. Read more.

Looking beyond COVID-19: The importance of public-private partnerships. Read more.

Re-imagining retail: Microsoft customers embrace technology for post-COVID recovery and resilience. Read more.

A health professional tends to a patient. Both are seated and are wearing face masks.

Gearing up for rehabilitation during COVID-19. Find out more.

How vaccine alliance Gavi uses the power of radio to combat isolation during the pandemic. Learn more.


Microsoft forecasts a hybrid new normal of work in Asia-Pacific. Read more.

Vital therapy goes virtual amid COVID-19 lockdowns. Read the story.

Microsoft commits to helping 25 million people acquire new digital skills: video, news and more. needed for the COVID-19 economy. Find out more. 

Schools after COVID-19: From a teaching culture to a learning culture. Read more.


Disrupting and defending against COVID-19 themed cybercrime. Learn more. 

Enabling a digital future for Vietnam. Read more. 


American International University Bangladesh enables virtual classrooms for 13,000 students with Microsoft. Learn more. 

Advancing remote healthcare diagnostics in China. Read more. 

Australian researchers create 3D model of Coronavirus-infected lung. Read more. 

Salvation Army’s help never wavered, thanks to a quick pivot to remote tools. Read more. 

11 security tips to help stay safe in the COVID-19 era. Find out more. 

hotel door

Healthy hotels in the age of COVID-19. Read more.

Leadership lessons in the time of COVID-19. Learn more. 

Harnessing the power of threat intelligence to navigate cybersecurity amidst COVID-19. Find out more. 

The cloud and COVID-19: Pivoting in a crisis to protect lives. Read the story.

Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan offers its 113 legislators Microsoft Teams to keep working through COVID-19. Read more.

• A non-profit empowers marginalized communities in rural India to tackle COVID-19 with virtual trainings. Find out more.

• Yuanying Medicine deploys Microsoft’s Power BI in the fight against COVID-19. Find out more.

• Data sharing, pandemic response and closing Asia’s data divide for the post-COVID recovery. Learn more.

• Partnership is crucial in helping Asia Pacific’s SMBs navigate COVID-19. Find out why.

• Our commitment for nonprofits and communities on the frontlines of COVID-19. Read more.

• Strong cloud foundations accelerate Murdoch University response to COVID-19. Read more.

• Open-sourcing new COVID-19 threat intelligence. Read more.

• Volunteering in Vietnam: Giving blood during the pandemic. Learn more.

• India’s HCG makes cancer care accessible virtually amid COVID-19 with Microsoft Teams. Learn more.

• Say ah and count to 30: Austin Health deploys to boost COVID-Care. Read more.

• The Y Victoria builds PowerApp to streamline and speed staff’s JobKeeper applications. Read more.

• Pertamina offers online interfaith prayers during COVID-19 using Microsoft Teams. Read more.

• Bolster security to enable collaboration and customer engagement. Learn more.

• Lockdown goals: this amateur football coach made Microsoft Teams a virtual playground for his students. Find out how.

• From GC to everyone: “We have to be apart, but only because we care.”  Read more.

• BNZ makes the switch to Microsoft Teams. Find out more.

• Researchers in Microsoft Research Asia lab launch COVID Insights Website.  Check it out.

• How Xbox Game Pass is helping friends stay connected. Find out more.

• Microsoft PH: Thank you to our frontliners. Read more.

• Taking a people-first approach: our commitment to colleagues. Learn more.

• Balancing remote working needs with security. Read more.

• OneMask leverages technology to race against time and meet local demand for face mask. Read more.

• Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker releases new features customized to help Indian citizens. Learn more.

• Making ‘more’ possible: Our commitment to partners. Find out more.

• Microsoft Thailand strengthens partnership with Ministry of Higher Education elevating online learning with Microsoft Teams for Education – covering 150 universities across country. Read more.

• Moorabool Shire expands digital service options, drives down cost, responds to COVID-19. Read more.

• Customers embrace technology to advance industry innovation, respond to COVID-19, and plan for the future. Read more.

• Australian National University configures COVID-19 crisis management platform in three days. Learn how.

• Real-time telemedicine: A virtual bridge for two Chinese hospitals and their patients. Learn more.

• UNICEF and Microsoft launch global platform to help address COVID-19 education crisis. Read more.

• South Australia’s Flinders University tracks impact of Coronavirus crisis with rapid data insights. Read more.

• Observations on pandemic responses, technology and privacy in Asia. Find out here.

• How to talk tech in te reo Māori, the language of Aotearoa New Zealand . Find out here.

• Learn from our customers in Japan. Read here.

• How I lead remote learning in Hong Kong during school closures. Learn more.

• A big data solution for self-driving cars is adapted to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Find out more.

• Australian Red Cross rolls out self-isolator outreach platform in less than a week. Find out more.

• Keeping legislative wheels turning during COVID-19. Read more.

• Remote learning and COVID-19: Lessons go on in locked down Hong Kong. Read more.

• Volunteering in a lockdown: A stay-at-home mask-making sewing bee. Read more.

• The University of Western Australia tackles COVID-19 crisis deploying online learning across 3,144 units in two weeks. Learn more.

• Our commitment to privacy and security in Microsoft Teams.  Read more.

• For IT professionals: Privacy and security in Microsoft Teams. Find out more.

• University of Sydney builds AI-infused Corona Chatbot to support students with COVID-19 queries.  Read more.

• Best practices for maintaining cybersecurity for your new remote workforce. Find out more.

Trying to shield hospital staff and patients from COVID-19 with help from AI, cloud, and intelligent edge. Read here.

• How education institutions in India are ensuring ‘learning never stops’ amid COVID-19 with Microsoft Teams. Learn more.

• Ritsumeikan Primary School streams graduation ceremony live with Microsoft Teams. Read the story.

• Microsoft Teams at three: Keeping millions connected when we need it most. Learn how.

• Japanese school kids overcome coronavirus quarantine with a Minecraft graduation ceremony. Read the article.

• Sharing my thoughts on staying connected amidst COVID-19. Read the blog.

• Microsoft Empowers Hong Kong Teachers and Students with Real-Time Interactive Remote Learning. Read the story.

• Staying connected amidst COVID-19. Find our tips here.

• Helping teachers and students make the switch to remote learning. Learn more.

• What we can learn from the current school closures about how to support remote learning. Read the blog.

READ more about Microsoft’s global activities: Responding to COVID-19 together